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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Violence in Belgrade: Looting on Video: Kosovo za patike

In America, we contend with a lot, but among the things we have is peace. I agree that Serbia is not all like this, and doubt these thieves even realize the political opportunitists they have become. I hope they are arrested, and prosecuted accordingly.

Originally called "Swapping Kosovo for a pair of sneakers" Kosovo za patike.

(Note: original video was taken down by the poster, so I have replaced it with another copy someone else posted)

As posted on YouTube by the video owner: gvantanamo
Dear viewers, seeing how this video has become hugely popular I think that is my duty to explain the whole situation.

The first part of the video is happening in a store at Slavija square in Belgrade, Serbia at the time of the torching of a McDonalds restaurant near by, when I by accident recorded these two girls. Two hours later, at Terazije square, I recorded two other girls ("Jesi li nasla broj?"), and shortly after I ran into the blondes from earlier who were emptying a store in Sremska Street. Astonished by their persistence on getting new clothes on a 100% off sale, I decided to further record them.

I would like to thank everyone for their support, and to Albanians, Croatians, Muslims, Germans... Martians and all others who are gloating after this happened, I would like to say that these are only marginal appearances, and that the huge majority of citizens of Serbia are normal and honest people, and I am proud to be one of them.

Postovani gledaoci, uvidevsi da je ovaj video za kratko vreme postigao ogromnu popularnost smatram da mi je duznost da celu situaciju objasnim.

Prvi deo snimka se desava u prodavnici na Slaviji za vreme paljenja Mc Donalds-a i tada sam sasvim slucajno snimio ove dve devojke. Dva sata kasnije na Terazijama sam snimio druge dve devojke ("jesi li nasla broj?"), a nedugo zatim pononovo srecem plavuse sa pocetka koje pustose lokal u Sremskoj ulici. Zaprepasten njihovom upornoscu da dodju do novih krpica na popustu od 100% resio sam da ih detaljnije snimim. Zahvaljujem svima na podrsci, a Albancima, Hrvatima, Muslimanima, Nemcima, ... Marsovcima i svima ostalim koji likuju nakon ovoga zelim da kazem da su ovo ipak samo marginalne pojave, a da su gradjani Srbije u ogromnoj vecini normalni i posteni ljudi i ponosim se sto sam jedan od njih.

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@bdul muHib said...

Reminds me of living through the LA Riots.