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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton Steps Off National Stage?

Hillary Clinton looks to be quitting the race. Like my thoughts for Mitt Romney, I think Hillary has begun the fight for Vice President.

Barack Obama has been clear: he will not serve as Vice President. It is, for him, all or nothing.

Not for Hillary. She wants the White House, and is a fighter. Behind her smiling teeth are gritted teeth, and a snarl. She isn't giving up; she's focusing.

The big question for Obama: Will she help or hinder him? Or, would someone like John Edwards, very white and somewhat male bring in the Archier Bunker vote?

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@bdul muHib said...

I think an Obama-Clinton ticket would be ideal, and unbeatable. But I don't see her being willing to be second fiddle to anyone- especially not Obama.

Sadly, she's 69 by the time 8 years comes around. I don't see her making a good run of it at that age.