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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hillary fires, Obama fires back (Let The Mudslinging Begin)

Hillary fires, Obama fires back

The US press had been getting bored with the extended and slow-moving 2008 presidential primaries. That is, until this week. Excitement came in the form of a rather intense exchange between the two leading Democratic contenders: New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

It began in the midst of a televised debate on July 23. This debate's format was novel in that questions were posed to the candidates, not by journalists but by average citizens who pre-recorded and submitted them via YouTube.
Let The Mudslinging Begin

No one really expected Hillary Clinton not to mud-sling? And surely, no one expected Barack Obama not to toss a few charming plops of mud in return? This is, after all, a presidential election.

Cynically, I say that this might be planned. Keeps the election interesting, and helps both play hard and nice, sparring before the general election. One will receive the Democratic nomination. Not one credible media person is talking seriously about any other Democratic candidate.

This way, there is an "honorable warrior" set-up for whomever wins to fight off the Republicans. Something like, "Barack, you fought hard. I respect that. And that is why, for America, for my running mate, I am choosing you to fight with me against the Republican Party, that we, together, may run this country. George Bush was monarch long enough!"

Strategic? Yes. Will it work? I'm convinced of it. Will it win the 2008 Election? Hard to say. The Republicans aren't exactly sitting on their hands.

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