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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Barack Obama is Not Fighting Muhammad Ali

Get this? The media is noticing Barack Obama sees Hillary Clinton as his prime competition. Not Muhammad Ali. That would be news.

News? Sunny days are prime competition for rainy ones.

Of course, of course. Who else should he focus on? Hillary is leading. He wants to lead. He has his hardcore adoration, but there are many undecideds, fence-sitters, and people who like to say they are independents, but are really indecisives.

The real independents are out of his reach right now. They are likely to vote for a noncandidate in polls. He can't grab them until November 2008, when their vote counts harshly.

It is a smart move. Hillary is a worthy opponent, and, by making her his opponent, his image gets lifted up, just as, back in the 1970s, someone who say they are fighting Muhammad Ali. Fight Ali? Must be tough yourself to dare get in his ring. Same idea.

This is a two person battle. No other Democrat counts any longer. Barack is just moving the ball down the court.

Barack Obama's Campaign Increasingly Engages Hillary Clinton
ABC News - 1 hour ago
"The only person who would probably be prepared to be our president on Day 1 would be Bill Clinton -- not Hillary Clinton," Barack Obama on Monday.

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