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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hillary Clinton on Wikipedia

Wiki Wiki Wiki

We learn her middle name at birth was Diane, she was a Brownie, and that she campaigned for Republican Barry Goldwater.

We also learn that "In a Gallup poll conducted during May, 2005, 54% of respondents considered Senator Clinton a liberal, 30% considered her a moderate, and 9% considered her a conservative."

No one is surprised about the 84% who think of her as a moderate or liberal, but 9% see her as conservative?


There is an entire article dealing with things that have dogged her, real and fabricated. I did not know she had been accused of anti-Semitic comments. Also new to me was a lie she made about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the great Mt Everest climber. Weird things are in there too, like how she neglected to mention the ghostwriter who Hillary had paid $120,000 to write "It Takes a Village."

There are the usual questions of money buying or paying for votes, dirty money issues, and some dicey statements some conclude to be racist. Look up George Bush and see that he gets his fair share, as does Bill Clinton.


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