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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John Kerry Quits Presidential Race

John Kerry, realizing his failure in 2004 caused his supporters to drop him quickly, said today he will not be seeking non-election on 2008. It is good he caught up with the rest of the nation, given his popularity might only be equalled by GWB.

Now, he is getting out of the way so that Hillary might have a chance. I would not be surprised if he was asked to, so that the Democratic Party will avoid future embarassment.

The tone of his letter sounds like the kind of speech given to congratulate the victor. It has an undertone that communicates, "Had I run for president, I would have only been a one issue candidate, and you deserve better than that. You deserve better than me."

He, like Alan Keyes in 2004 (IL Republican carpetbagger), was a one issue candidate before. Instead, he'll take his issue on the road. Unfortunately for John Kerry, there are far more interesting anti-war speakers, but good for him to give it a go. He's no Bill Clinton.

He says on his website:

Dear Friend,

I wanted to start by just saying thank you -- thank you to each and
every one of you who has come together in the johnkerry.com community.

Thanks to you, we have a new Democratic Congress that is fighting to stop the administration's disastrous course in Iraq, thanks to you we can be a Congress that addresses issues like climate change and health care, and thanks to you, change is coming to Washington.

Over the last two years, when you could've walked off the field after getting knocked down in 2004, you didn't walk away, you kept fighting. Together, three million strong, you helped provide $14 million to more than 260 candidates, committees and progressive causes. Nineteen of those candidates received over $100,000 each in donations from our community. Just think of the special support that you helped us provide to veterans running for office -- helping to make Chris Carney, Tim Walz, Joe Sestak, and Patrick Murphy members of Congress today. And because you dug in early when a lot of people said it couldn't be done, you helped a courageous
Vietnam veteran Jim Webb on his march to become the 51st Senator and give
Democrats our majority in the Senate.

I hope you are as proud of what you've accomplished as I am. But this isn't a time to rest on our accomplishments.

The work isn't over. Today I hope you'll help me with another big mission.

35 years ago, I got into public life to end a war that was wrong. I believe now as strongly as I did then that it is wrong to ask more young Americans to die for anyone's mistakes. And I believe that a Congress that shares responsibility for getting us into this war must bear responsibility for getting us out.

Americans went to the polls and voted for change in Iraq. They sent a strong and clear message to all of us, on both sides of the aisle, that they wanted real change in Iraq. They certainly did not vote for us to sit by while some national leaders actually
advocate escalating the war and sending more American troops into the middle of
an Iraqi civil war. We must stand for a change in Iraq, or we don't stand for
anything at all.

This mission, this responsibility, is something all of us must accept. As someone who voted for the resolution that gave the president the authority to go to war, I feel the weight of a personal responsibility to act.

I sought the presidency to lead us on a different course. There are powerful reasons to want to continue that fight now. But I've concluded this isn't the time for me to mount a presidential campaign. It is the time to put my energy to work as part of the new Democratic majority in the Senate, to do all I can to end this war and strengthen our security and our ability to fight the real war on terror.

The people of Massachusetts have given me an incredible privilege to serve in the Senate, to represent the birthplace of freedom, the cradle of liberty, and a state where in Faneuil Hall patriotic dissenters stood on principle. I want to continue
representing Massachusetts, and that's why I am running for reelection so I can
use my voice all day every day to end this war and galvanize grassroots action
to force Washington and our Democratic Party to live up to its responsibility.

Together, all of us, starting with the three million of you who have built this online community, must remain steadfast in protecting the principles we fought for every day of our campaign. You have a responsibility to urge those who are running this time to step up and address those issues, and particularly on Iraq to find not just a new way forward, but the right way forward.

Above all else, the mission we must all join is to end the war in Iraq.

Our first step toward that goal is to force President Bush to set a deadline to redeploy our troops.

I hope you will come to http://www.setadeadline.com and take the opportunity to speak out on the importance of setting a deadline to redeploy our troops and bring our heroes home. Speak out at http://www.setadeadline.com.

Now that a new Democratic Congressional majority has convened in the U.S. Capitol, a deadline must be set. Working together as Americans, holding leaders accountable, is our best hope to ensure that it is.

Please come to http://www.setadeadline.com and get on board.

Thank you,

John Kerry

source: johnkerry.com

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