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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clinton Makes First Iowa Campaign Appearance

With Hillary leading the money and publicity game, it only follows that she should lead the schmooze campaign. The rest of the politicians will follow, equally pushing the public pulpit with fabricated cheers planted by their local supporters. Campaigns and cheers cost money. Hopefully, Hillary's visit and he related media noise will helps the Iowa economy.

Iowa, known as a barometer of national views (but hardly the last view, which is that of we independent voters who claim no party, no candidate, but issues).

Unfortunately, she is aiming at the gender card. I though better of her than that, but so it is as it is. Maybe we'll be lucky, and she'll turn it around and become an issue candidate, and not one that relies on biology.

In the NY Times, she is quoted, "I know there are people who either say or wonder, would we ever elect a woman president?" (Clinton Makes First Iowa Campaign Appearance, January 27, 2007).

The NY Times' PATRICK HEALY says, "Iowa polls are close to meaningless at this stage."

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