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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Superbowl Politicians: We're not here to cause no trouble. We're just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!

With the Chicago Bears showing the New Orleans Saints why 'Bear weather' is different than 'dome team weather', they trounced the Saints.

The score? 39-14.

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Now what? The Bears pack for Miami, the Colts and Patriots duel it out (NE is winning 7-0 at the time of this post).

Tomorrow: Hillary Clinton will be interviewed. She is, after all, an Illinoiser. She might have moved to Arkansas, then the Washington DC, then to New York, she was born in Park Ridge, IL, a wealthy suburb just north of Chicago.

My bet is Hillary will claim to be a Bears fan. My other bet is that she has never willingly watched a complete football game in her life. If I were her, I do would do the same thing. It is the only politically viable thing to do.

Barack Obama, currently an Illinois resident, will claim likewise. He was born in Hawaii, where football is not as popular. Hard to know where his heart really is, but it is plausible he is a real Bears fan.

The other candidates will start touting their team affinities, as ebulliently as when the president pardons a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Who do you think the candidates will be rooting for? Are there any true football fans among the leading contenders? The last famously big fan of football was Gerald Ford.

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