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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Scandal or no scandal: Mrs. & Mr. Clinton Skip Claiming $5 million

Scandal or no scandal?

Sen. Clinton's family charity not disclosed: paper

I say no scandal. While I know pundits, pollsters and picky people will postulate, I think it is an embarrassing oversight. They should pay a big fine, or whatever happens, but the event is politically innocuous.

As for the talk show dogs who will claim it is a major breach of ethics, and she should be put on trial, then forced to watch Judge Judy for eight hours straight, that's what they do.


Hiding money in a situation as public as the Clintons are is not just brazen, but stupid. They aren't that stupid. They are not claiming a legal loophole. They admit they dropped the ball.

They did. It dropped. The ball will bounce a few days, and everyone will happily forget about what never really mattered to the public anyway.

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