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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Third Party Presidential Candidates

Third Party Presidential Candidates

Constitution Party
Actively pursuing or interested in candidacy for the Constitution Party (United States)
James Gilchrist of California

Green Party
Actively pursuing or interested in candidacy for the Green Party
Kat Swift of Texas (Campaign site)

Libertarian Party
Official candidates who have filed with the FEC for the Libertarian Party
Steve Kubby of California (Campaign Site)
George Phillies of Massachusetts (Campaign Site)
Christine Smith of Colorado (Campaign Site)

Announced candidates
Doug Stanhope of Arizona (Campaign Site)

Actively pursuing or interested in candidacy
Gene Chapman of Texas (Campaign Site)
Dave Hollist of California (Campaign Site)
Robert Milnes of New Jersey (Campaign Site)

Other parties and independent candidates
Actively pursuing or interested in candidacy
Steve Adams of Kentucky (Campaign Site)
Gene Amondson of Washington for the Prohibition Party (Campaign Site)
Bob W. Hargis of Oklahoma (Campaign Site)
Daniel Imperato of Florida (Campaign Site)
David A. Koch of Utah and Ken Goldstein of California (Campaign Site)
Charles T. Maxham of New Jersey (Campaign Site)

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_2008
date discovered: 2/15/2008


Dan said...

If it ever came down to a debate I would like to see Daniel Imperato versus Hillary Clinton. I think it would be quite spirited.

Resilient Hawk said...

A spirited debate is not useful in and of itself. That's the realm of blogs and talk shows, not national debates. Those are better civil, intelligent, objective as per each person's views. 'Spirited' should be avoided when the leadership of a world-leading country is at stake.

Had Daniel Imperato presented himself as more of a genuine candidate, with a clear following, it could make sense, like Ross Perot. However, his influence is provincial and his following is minor. There is little he stands for that can't found in national-level leaders.

I applaud his willingness to be independent, but he hasn't even declared he's a candidate. At this point, as national dialogue goes, he is inconsequential.

Sorry, Dan.