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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Know Your Cuts of Meat (Presidential Candidates)

No, not David Letterman's famous game of guessing which cut of meat is in the picture. That's, unfortunately, easier than knowing your candidates.

Spins by the media, their PR guys, the other guy's PR guys, and the rest of the chatterboxers all cloud and muddy up the truth. This is politics, not rocket science -- being exact seems less important.

I recently posted Rudy G's bio and Mitt Romney's press announcement. I'll be publishing more, with links to originals, as I can.

Some of the candidates are less important than others. We all know this. Which are which at this time is hard to say. Some haven't announced yet, but you know will (Hillary, for example). Others have announced and will drop out of the race early. Some will talk about running, but are all smoke.

Too often, we get lazy, and skip the research process. Or, we depend on analysis from people we agree with. That's not terrible, but it is short-sighted. That means the power is abdicated. Knowledge is power, but second-hand knowledge is no power at all.

Do your homework. It will make you a smarter voter, even if you vote differently than me. It'll make you a better conversationalist, and a trustworthy opinion maker.

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