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Friday, February 23, 2007

Farrakhan to Make His Last Major Address: Big Message Coming

Louis Farrakhan, best known for racism in the midst of leading the Nation of Islam, will be making one final major speech. He's ill and 73 years old. He knows it is time to pass the torch. The question is what will his big announcement be?

Over the years, Farrakhan has caused unrest in his own organization. He pushed the Nation of Islam to be connected with mainstream Islam. Unfortunately, this lead the Nation of Islam to be, by default, affiliated with bin Laden, the Taliban and the Shariah laws (highly legalistic rules governing the life of some Muslims, and said to be a major cause for the persecution of nonMuslims).

The Shariah connection is where it will inevitably connect with the next president of the United States. It condemns freedom of speech when it comes to Mohammad, allows for forced marriage and forced sex with captives of war, and permits slavery. In short, Shariah permits things counter to American legal values. Recent news: (The Blogger-Martyr of Egypt) discusses, for example, a human rights atrocity when blogger Abdel Kareem Suleiman (a.k.a. "Kareem Amer" online) was sentenced to four years in prison for criticizing his school, the school president and the more oppressive aspects of Islam.

Will our next president understand this dilemma? When a 22 year-old blogger faces prison for things said freely in the United States, the president needs to know when to intervene. Farrakhan's views were not considered as radical before 9-11, but now, it is difficult to know. We need to secure our own human rights, and continue to allow him to speak. That's inalienable.

Farrakhan, of course, might say he has converted to Christianity, denounce Islam, show a cartoon of Islam's first leader, or embrace Judaism. The struggle will remain whatever Farrakhan says.

The next president, be it Hillary, Barack Obama, or the ghost of FDR, needs to be attuned to what this means: what impact will all forms of Islam have in the war against terrorism, American safety, human rights and global security. The president needs to know the faction fascists who claim Islam, and the peaceful Muslims who know terrorism is not the ticket to Allah.

As for Louis Farrakhan, I hope he is feeling better and gets well soon. I am thankful that we live in a country which realizes the freedom of speech of all citizens.

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