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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton and George Bush Agree About Iraq Forces

Hillary's in a pickle. Just like George W Bush, she faces criticism for voting for forces in Iraq. Like GW, she won't admit she was wrong.

John Kerry, in a failed, vain attempt to win the White House from GW, declared he was wrong about Iraq, though it made him look like he did not apply due diligence when it came to understanding the issue. Maybe that's what Hillary's trying to squirm out of.

Admitting that when given the opportunity to make a discussion that will impact the world, she made the wrong decision bodes poorly for saying she can lead the western world as president. Barack Obama already seized on this issue when he bashed her this week. He never had the chance to vote the boys into Iraq, and considers himself, therefore, morally superior. Hillary has no such advantage.

GW does not need to apologize or admit he was wrong. First of all, he thinks he's right. Secondly, he is not trying to win the Democrat primary election, where antiwar and antiBush sentiment is a veterinarian shot away from rabid. While Bush's stubbornness might not win him friends, and could cost the Republicans the Oval Office, he is reconfiguring his style. Hillary has done no such thing.

Many experts, as well as Water Cooler Carl, are saying she should admit it and get past it as quickly as media-possible. It could be that, like Shrub, she's certain that she was right.

Maybe she and George W. Bush agree.

Expect announcements next week as her press advisors give her the what-for.

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Senator Hillary Clinton is creating more trouble for herself than she needs to. For some reason, she refuses to say publicly that she made a mistake in voting for the unfettered use of force by the president.

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