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Friday, February 9, 2007

Playing Cards With Bill, Hillary, Barack, Newt and Edwards (with Sly and Jesse)

What is America ready for? What isms block our thinking? What phobias hinder us (religiophobia is a big one these days, but we see racism, sexism, ageism kicking in)?

All the cards will be played when this thing is over. Already, Hillary is playing the gender card, just as Obama plays the race card.

I think Bill Clinton is just playing cards. He got out of this game by being un-electable. Otherwise, he just might be the dealer. Who is he playing cards with, and whether or not he is cheating (at cards) is yet unknown. No one is asking, so it must all be OK (no one is telling either, so the jury is still out). We do not want to know if all hands are on deck.

Newt Gingrich is unsure he wants to be dealt in, and John Edwards has not decided if he's playing with a full deck.

I do not know who will be elected, but I would laugh loudly if the Democrats blew the easiest election to ever hit November's White House by playing cards the entire time.

Who will being out the ace, the joker, and who is bluffing with a pair of twos? This might be the year Jesse Ventura steps back into the ring, trumps up his governor gig, and calls on Sly Stallone to be VP. That would make him Ace Ventura, wouldn't it?

It could happen. This is the year for the unexpected.

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