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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hillary's Poll Lead Mean She's Losing

How do we know Hillary is in trouble? She's winning.

That's right. According to the AP, she's leading Barach Obama for the Democrats.

Why winning is losing? That's hard to explain, but it seems that Democrats who grab the early lead in polls are not likely to win the election. A Democrat may in fact win, but, if the polls and history follow the trend, it will not be Hillary Clinton.

The AP article cites memeories of early Dem leaders

  • Edmund Muskie in 1972
  • George Wallace in 1976
  • Ted Kennedy in 1980
  • Gary Hart in 1988
  • Mario Cuomo in 1992
  • Joe Lieberman in 2004
Leading the pack for the Republicans is Rudy G. As for Republicans, the AP says, "Republicans have picked the early front-runner in seven of the past 10 elections, according to Gallup polling. In the other three elections, Republican incumbents cruised to re-election."

If the election matters to you, and Hillary's your best girl, get out to her website and donate. Show your support early for your favorite candidate.

And remember fellas (and gals?), she's married.

To find all candidates homepages, see here:

And, if you are so inclined, drop a quarter or two into the box. It'll be used as needed, and, 10% (or more) will go to a local charity.

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