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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Do the Rudy Dance - The Giuliani Shuffle

No macarena for Rudy. No cha-cha, no charleston, no tango and no salsa. But he's dancing like everyone's watching. Is he running for president, or just pumping up his own one-trick legacy and selling books?

Is he a liberal? A conservative? Is he more like Hillary or more like George? Maybe he wants to be like Mike.

Mike who? Who knows. We're talking Rudy here. Stay with me.

And, will you vote for him? Rudy, that is, not Mike. Not George either, since he won't be in this race.

I think he is a Democrat plant to steal votes from Hillary. He's prochoice, pro gay rights, light on gun control, and not clear regarding Iraq. He won't be accused of being Joe Family, thanks to hanky panky and divorce. Of course, the cleanest whistle ever to whet the White House was Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, proving morality is not merely a Republican declaration.

Back to Rudy. Do you think he saw that movie about the Joliet (Illinois) Catholic High School football player who wanted to go to Notre Dame? He was named Rudy. Too small, not smart enough to go to and play for the beloved Notre Dame.

This is a different Rudy. This one is taller.

Rudy Giuliani's one trick was a good one. When New York needed someone to stand tall, hopeful, while acknowledging the pain of 9-11, Rudy Giuliani was the man of the hour. He and George Bush (so you don't like him, but he did very well the days after 9-11 and is not known to dance) helped the fair city, the Big Apple -- and the nation -- get their knickers back on and become whole. Not even Geppetto made Pinocchio a real boy. Rudy done good.

If he is going to lead the nation in more than yesterday's disaster, he needs to figure out if he's serious about running, stand for something besides the milque toast middle, and take some chances. If not, we might as well have Oprah Winfrey running for president.

Dr. Phil as Oprah's VP?

Who am I voting for? I'm leaning toward Tony Dungy. If Lovie Smith is up for VP, I'm in. Get them on the ticket, and I'll do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

New York Times: White House Bid? Giuliani Is Still Undeclared

Of course you can dance. What the world needs now is Rudolph Valentino. Fred Astaire would help, but he's no Rudy.


David said...

I liked most what I heard (very much so) from Rudi on Hannity & Colmes. He seemed to be a much better candidate than Hillary to me (I'm happy with what he said)! I'm a conservative Christian so I'm concerned about his morality and stances on abortion and homosexualit but he seemed to say almost "all the right things" save the perfect things. The one thing that gets me most excited about him is he national security stance of being on the offensive against terrorism. I agree with Republican economics generally as well so he seems to be a better candidate to me hear as well

Rudy Giuliani on Hannity & Colmes (Part 1 of 2).

also see 2 of 2

Some notes on what I heard:
-against abortion but wants women to have a choice (but does propose adoption as an alternative). Supports partial birth abortion ban in almost all cases
-Marriage should be between a man and a woman (supports domestic partnerships)
-currently supports the president / war in Iraq as part of the war on terror / looking ahead beyond Iraq
-less government / less taxes
-tough on crime / gun control in crime ridden cities

Could we support him as the first divorced president? Perhaps he would be the better choice between Hillary and Rudi if he's not perfect, he would probably get my vote if the election was today between the two.

Resilient Hawk said...

Like Rudy as much as you want. You will be different than Rudy's first two wives and at least two children. His son says they aren't talking - Rudy skipped his own kid's high school graduation. He found out his daughter was accepted into Harvard through the news.

He continues to dance. Republicans are no longer pro-life, so Rudy's views that abortion is OK should be no big deal, but, among those who think abortion should be as illegal as killing a one month old baby, he won't be popular.

Looks to me that Rudy has gone the way of Newt Gingrinch as a guy who once spoke Republicans, but screwed up his family too much to be respected.

Saying the right things is enough, though, as Rudy's dance has not pushed conservative voters away.

After all, Ronald Reagan only dumped one wife. Only one divorce is acceptible, you know, to be president. That's why Bill Clinton remained popular. No matter what happened with the blue dress romance, his woman stood by her man, making ol' Bill look more Republican than the Republicans. You know a good feminist respects a woman who will accept her man cheating on her.