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Monday, February 12, 2007

George Bush and African Americans

George Bush and African Americans? Is the White House goings on a matter of Georgie playing the race card?

A quick glance at the nice-nice being slung around might suggest it is insincere. However, look at who is in attendance (see earlier posts): baseball greats of an era Bush grew up in. His involvement in the Texas Rangers helped teach him baseball history (he mentions the Cubs, which I have bolded). His speech reading is what it is, but I think he knows both his baseball and the influence and amazing value of African Americans.

Here's where Hillary Clinton will struggle, as will many running with and against her. She grew up in opulence, in the wealth of Park Ridge, IL. Great schools, nice houses, and completely white. Unlike Bush's Texas upbringing, she had to leave town to see a black person. Bush was hardly living in Harlem, but the diversity there was more so.

This does not imply Bush is completely tolerant, or that Hillary is completely intolerant of other races. It does indicate the natural comfort levels are partially due to how they each grew up. When Hillary speaks about racial issues, there feels a kind of distance, unfamiliarity.

No doubt have I, especially in light of Barack Obama's entering the circus, that Hillary will receive all required coaching so that she is not one-upped here. She'll do her homework. She always does.

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