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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why Iraq's Democracy Matters to the Next USA President

When the United States was still a few British colonies, for the most part, we fought over money, taxes, land and the right to call our own shots.

In Iraq, some boneheaded thugs who call themselves the "Islamic State of Iraq" murdered 18 Iraqi police. Bums like this are one reason it is easy to ridicule the absence of humanity found in Jihad and Osama (the "bin of morality is empty") bin Laden. This is why the Islamic cartoons hit so close to home.

Whomever is our next president will either accept this kind of terrorism as OK, and not something the US should be concerned about, or, will reject it on a variety of causes, included ethics. Politics, to be sure, is at play, but murder is murder.

The difference between the US and Iraq in the fight for freedom? There are plenty, but a doozy is that the British were not going around killing willy-nilly, saying Allah told them to do it.

Is Allah a murderer? As it seems, the Islamic State of Iraq would like to think so.

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