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Monday, March 12, 2007

Chuck Hagel's Wishy-washy View on His Presidential Candidacy

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton doesn't know yet if she'll be facing Chuck Hagel. Not only is he a Republican, and she would not see him until November 2008, but he's not ready to run for president.

Hagel Postpones Decision on 2008 New York Times

If he isn't sure yet, he will never be. The winner of each primary is already among those running. The rest have been too indecisive. Either they are waiting on opinion polls and have no conviction besides that, or they are waiting for the floor to drop under those already running.

By waiting, they are playing. We don't need a player. We need a leader wrought of conviction and integrity. Hagel may have integrity, but his wishy-washing thoughts on candidacy indicate he is no leader -- at least, not on the international level.

I recommend he look into a hobby more suited for uncertainty: Gardening All-in-One for Dummies

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