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Saturday, March 3, 2007

How Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Are Selling Out to the Black Vote

Racism in America is not dead. Usually, this refers to hateful white Americans bigoted toward black Americans. In this case, it refers to politicians pandering pompously to grab a few votes.

Let's start again. I'm not against any politician using their influence to reduce racism. Every American should be realize that racism of all kinds is bad, no matter what spin is placed on it. White Supremacists, the KKK and other lower life forms have shown us that their insecurities only self-destruct. Find me such scum that has somehow raised the quality of life in America. Not out there.

Furthermore, I've not decided who I'll vote for. I'm not, be default, for or against any candidate or any party. The dust is still in the air, but, with news like this, all I see is smog.

However, by making racism, and the showing off of being against it for the purpose of winning an election is pandering. Barack Obama is half black, if someone can be half of a color. Hillary Clinton is 100% white, who, likewise, is not a color, but a person. How they show up in a spectrometer is not important. Obama grew up in Hawaii, and Hillary grew up in a very white affluent suburb of Chicago. Neither of them have lived the difficult life of a kid in Harlem or the west side of Chicago, or the toughest parts of LA. That is not their fault, and does not suggest they do not understand racism or have a sincere desire to eradicate it.

Both are going to march in Selma, Alabama at a convenient time. Later, they'll brag, and point to this, and which of their opponents weren't there. They might even hug or hold hands in a show of unity. Maybe they'll sing gospel tunes around a campfire and pretend they are Christians too.

George Bush, as president, has official Back History Month functions he must perform, and can be, at this time, excused from this discussion. He's not running for office. Hillary and Obama are. Obama has done things in his career that give him credibility. Hillary has only done politically-related things. Now, both are playing the game.

At least one of them will not be our next president. If the loser(s) is still out there, doing the right thing, then I'll be impressed. But, for now, if I want to be entertained, I'll watch the Anna Nicole Smith Funeral Circus (starring impresario Howard Stern) .

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