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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rules for Political Campaigns: Smear or Be Smeared (Smear Anyway)

Rules for Political Campaigns
  1. Smear your opponent.
  2. Blame your opponent for smearing you.
  3. Suggest your opponent is unworthy due to past activities.
  4. Blame rich people for fighting you.
  5. Ask rich people for money.
  6. More money is better; keep asking.
  7. Have expensive fundraisers to talk about poor who can't attend fundraiser.
  8. Claim religious superiority over opponent.
  9. Blame religion for all the world troubles.
  10. Attend church for a photo opp on Sunday.
  11. Point fingers at Christians as intolerant.
  12. Act intolerantly toward Christians.
  13. Court races you otherwise never spend time with.
  14. Tolerate comedians lampooning your opponent.
  15. Complain when comedians make you look like Big Brother on YouTube.
  16. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Search Google Video for Hillary Clinton YouTube videos.

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