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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Right-Wingers Accused By Hillary Clinton of Having Issues With Her - Conspiracy Tales Abound

I think this is spot-on. Hillary Clinton is up against right-wingers attempt to keep her out of office. They did not like Bill Clinton, and they like Hillary less. I'll wager Bill looking better now than then, to them. Given a choice between Mr. Clinton or Mrs. Clinton, I think the GOP prefers Mister.

Consider the situation:
Bill's accused of an affair while in office. The Republicans were then considered the family party (this is before it was figured out that there was a wife-ditch divorce bonanza in the GOP). Here was a great opportunity to do a few things --
  • Gain support among pro-family and other moral conservatives
  • Decrease interest in the Clinton brand
  • Deflect awareness of anything controversial the GOP wanted to push
  • Gear up for what became the Bush Dynasty
Bill was easy. He played into their hands because of his personal dalliances. He was not beyond reproach, and was nailed trying to nail someone other than his legal Missus.

Calling what was no conspiracy was, in itself, though, conspiracy talk by the Democrats. It is a term (conspiracy) that builds fear among voters.

Additionally, what the conservatives are doing is no different than the campaign efforts done by each party. The language being used in speeches is not generated randomly, but through marketing efforts. Blacks are subjected to it by the Democrats. Evangelical Christians get it from the Republicans. Each demographic becomes insulted and manipulated (to be black, you must not vote Republican; to be Christian, you must not vote Democrat).

Is the Walter Reed fiasco conveniently happening now, allowing the Republican campaign to be disrupted? Maybe. Just like the Clinton extra-marital affair, though, those accused are apparently guilty of that which they are charged.

The moral of the story? Live beyond reproach.

If you walk into a bar, no matter whether you are a teetotaler or a drunk, people will presume you drank. If that's OK with you, walk on in. Otherwise, stay home. Bill took the risk of a little hanky-panky with Monica Lewinsky, and his party paid for it. The gang heading up the Walter Reed Army Hospital is talking heat now.

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