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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gingrich Sleeps Around While Impeaching Clinton, Reviews Books on Amazon

My title is misleading. There is no admission of any sleeping around. It implies sleeping, and more than one affair. Neither of which is known for certain. The part about book reviews is true. Keep reading and enjoy the ride!

Strangely popular among conservatives who usually hold morality and ethics in high esteem. Gingrich has demonstrated neither over his career, or, at least, has failed miserably in both along the way. However, some things are negotiable, and Newt can negotiate with the best.

Hard to know what to think, because here (Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe) he admits it. Not only does he admit he had an affair, but he tells a bunch of conservative Christians that. He knows, as they say, it won't play well in Peoria. Or Colorado Springs, Colo. Or Wheaton, Ill. Or Grand Rapids, Mich. Or the rest of America which still makes decisions based on their belief system.

Admitting you are wrong to those who you can be confident think what you did is a vile sin is not common for a politician. Remember, Hillary Clinton has yet to admit to the Democrats that her vote to send in troops into Iraq was wrong. While much of American still believes that Iraq needs democracy, and shudder when the WMD issue is brought up, the Democrats are now saying we should never have gone in for any reason (including Saddam Hussein). In Hillary's camp, she was dead wrong, and although she won't truly cheer on the troops, she is not wavering in her nonadmission. These admissions are like pulling teeth. Our pal Bill Clinton had a difficult time acknowledging what happened with his sweetie-on-the-side Monica Lewinsky. That must not have been too bad (what Monica and Bill did), as Hillary stood by her man.

He's (back to Gingrich) worthy of intellectual respect. He's smart, and the Democrats know this. They know he's one of the best minds in politics. That concerns them. The last they want is old hound dog Newt thinking up ways to beat them. He might not be true presidential material, but if he is behind a candidate, he might cause the Democrats more to shake about that the whispered name "George."

Besides engineering brilliant strategies for the Republican Party on the macro and micro level, he's an accomplished and respected Amazon.com book reviewer. Yes, THE Newt Gingrich reviews books. Sure, sure, we know he has been written about. And some in his familyare writing books, letting the famous Gingrich name help them out. But he reviews. And is repected for them.

You might be thinking he has whipped out a few book reviews of rah-rah Republican books or leadership-types. No, sirree. Lots of thrillers.He's the real deal. He's ranked 944 today, with 141 reviews.

Check 'em out: Newt Gingrich's book reviews

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