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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bush Bait Bites -- Chavez Speaks Spite

Hugo Chavez, loud mouth of South America, of Venezuela to be exact, tried his darnedest to goad Bush into a potty-mouthed playground slap fight.

Bush, more a man than Chavez, held his ground through silence. I'm confident Hillary Clinton is more of a man than Chavez. So is Nancy Pelosi. Chavez's own mother is more of a man than he is.

I suppose, if I were an insignificant chump strong-arming what might have otherwise been a great country, I would yell and stomp my feet too. Whining as Chavez has will get him attention. In grade school, he would get sent to the principal's office, but, as a grown-up, he gets media attention.

With Saddam dead, Castro all but dead, dictators and other bums fading from usefulness, Hugo has every right to be concerned. Communism is dying. Islamic terrorism will be crushed. Dictators will no longer be negotiated with. Even the currently oppressive China is joining the capitalistic world, if only by degrees.

His days, in a world that will not tolerate puny ideologies, are numbered.

Why he cries? It is not because he is afraid of Bush. He knows Bush is gone in 2008, and will be lame duck before that. It is because he hates America. He'll hate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy, G, or John McCain. Whomever is the next president, no matter who, will be despised.

Bush, wisely, spits on Hugo by not saying anything.

Bush refuses to comment on Chavez during Latin America trip

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Petroleumworld.com, Venezuela - 9 hours ago
Hugo Chavez's power equation is based upon two main components: resources and strategy. The resource side of the equation has been based in oil income. ...

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