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Monday, March 5, 2007

Edwards Speak for God, Hillary Speaks for Blacks, Coulter Speaks for No One (and Rudy's Kids Hate Him)

Hillary and Barack play the race card with more dexterity than a New York Harmonic violinist.
Obama and Clinton vie for black vote

Obama must, because he's black. He won't lose votes if he plays the race card, but he would if he blew them off. Hillary, however, has other issues.
Hillary under pressure

Edwards, not known as a man who thinks deeply about faith, has invoked religion, especially Christianity, by suggesting he knows what Jesus would feel like.
Edwards: Jesus Would Be 'Appalled'

Dick Cheney has dodged and squirmed out of a few things, but the one troubling him is not the pain in his ass (which is anyone who disagrees with him), but the one in his leg. No, I'm not pulling your leg. Cheney has a clot.
Dick Cheney treated for blood clot in leg

As if Dick Cheney is not already dealing with enough, Bill Maher wondered on TV if we'd be better off with Dick dead. This is keeping Republicans busy, and Democrats silent.
Anatomy of an impropriety, or Ann Coulter vs. Bill Maher

Ann Coulter, not a politician, said 'faggot' and apparently caused a one-woman censorship sensation. John Edwards did not like this, but his employees have no problem insulting Christians with hate speech. I'm not sure who is more wrong, but a thick skin Edwards does not have. To Coulter's credit, her thick skin is akin to a bovine hide. Democrats are acting surprised, Republicans aren't acting quickly enough, and no one cares but noisemakers. Whining is all the rage, as is insulting the other side.

My view: Coulter is a loud mouth, but never said she was anything but a conservative wench. Edwards pretends to be a man of tolerance, but all he can tolerate his his own view. This leaves Coulter as a jerk, but Edwards as a hypocrite.
Edwards' response to question about Ann Coulter remark

Rudy G is leading the Republicans, but his son is mad at him. I'm not sure why. One of Rudy's harem is the boy's mother. Rudy divorced at least two of woman. I lost track. Rudy has not yet begun to take Republican heat for his pro-abortion stand. The Democrats can't point that out. Mostly, they are pro-abortion too. Who wants to call the kettle black? Maybe Ann Coulter, but she would not call it black, would she? So Rudy is dancing, as always.
Giuliani Estranged From His 2 Children

That's the news in Lake Wobegon.

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