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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Pelosi, Blagovich, Libby, Capt. America, GI Bill of Rights

Summing up my thoughts today is said on another blog: Captain America's Death & Blagovich to Raise Taxes Big. Two parts of today's news, one involving a fictitious character getting the literary axe, and the other involving tremendous amounts of money.

It seems people care about money. A lot.

Nancy Pelosi is getting on about getting out of Iraq. Not everyone thinks the Democrats mean business.
Dems Aren't Urgent Enought About Withdrawal Yahoo! News

With Libby, Libby, Libby getting heat on the table, table, table, (sorry, that joke is now overkill, but prerequisite to any discussion of this criminal) George Bush has a new political problem. Pardon Libby, and he plays the game of being Libby's equal. Let Libby fry, and he risks admitting he think Libby is guilty and deserves punishment. He loses either way.
Pressure mounts for President Bush to pardon Libby

Wikipedia: Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Jr., former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

I looked for the Libby Soup homepage, and found nothing. Any faithful readers who can find it will get a special mention in a forthcoming post. Have I spelled it wrong?

Hillary Clinton Wants a New GI 'Bill of Rights'
FOX News - 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a new GI "Bill of Rights" for men and women in uniform, arguing that Democrats can do a better job of protecting ...

Pitching a softball to supporters, Hillary's plan is a good one. Fix problems like GI health care, jobs, all of that. She blames Bush, but, she sent the troops over too. She's shooting fish in a barrel, but those fish have it coming. Expect Goldy to be floating in the fishbowl soon.

She believes the Democrats can care for the troops better than the Republicans. Politically, this is brilliant. Easy to support, hard to criticize, and requires more agreement than money.

Her greatest cavity in support is a result of a national lack of confidence in her ability to lead a world class military. This won't address that completely, but it butters the fire.

Barack Obama is catching up. This tidy, safe move will boost her a few points. She has, according to RealClearPolitics, 35.6% average support. Obama has 24.6% (among Democrats only). When Edwards drops out, his 12.3% could put Obama over him. Al Gore's support, 8.4%, is meaningless until he says he'll run. The "ain't no way no how iz I votin' fer a wommin" crowd aren't hopping on the shirt with the shirt bandwagon.

The move is important too. Our troops have received questionable care. Our boys (and women, since the cliche of "our boys" is more inclusive than ever, but I have no nice sounding replacement phrase) -- our men and women are giving their lives, limbs and leaving love behind (family, friends and country) to secure freedom globally, just as they always have. They need to know they are coming back to a country which applauds them.

"I support our troops" must mean more than lip service and protests. Bush and Clinton can help lead the idea brigade to ensure this.

As Hillary piggybacks on George Bush's bipartisan move to take head-in the Walter Reed fiasco, we can have hope that politics might not reduce the effort, but enhance it. I hope they use their mutual influence for good, not to win an election. Winning an election should be the byproduct of good work, n0t the other way around.
(Bush Forms Vets' Healthcare Panel - Time Magazine) and (Soldiers Testify to Lawmakers Over Poor Care at Walter Reed & General Is Fired Over Conditions at Walter Reed New York Times)

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