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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hillary Gets Blogged: Good, Bad & OMG

Hillary fans. Outside of one lone Hillary Duff result, the top blogging about Hillary Clinton follows a theme: 1984. A few entries I reviewed trickle in with the usual "Hillary is no good," or "I worship Hillary and want her to be my life partner." Those, in their extreme, mindless views, do not matter. No one on any side of any views listens to them. Such ideas are better suited for MySpace.

What does matter is the brilliant pro-Hillary result the 1984 video has had. Someone in the Obama camp beat up on a girl. Not that Hillary is unable to defend herself, but that's what happened.

Meanwhile, even though at election time, the YouTube video itself will mean nothing, the issues are being ignored. This allows more strategy time for all parties. It provides a reprieve for Hillary Clinton's people, and gives a break to the anti-war folks.

A few have enjoyed using profanity. but, again, that's MySpace talk, not serious political dialoging.

Let me encourage you to look through these, and comment on them. Not just here, but on their blogs.

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HAHAHAHAHA! At least I stand out for something. I hope you at least read the post I published earlier today and understood the underlying point I was trying to make.