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Friday, March 9, 2007

Important to the New York Times Political Scene: 49 Terms

Those terms below (49 of them) will be familiar to many of you. Readers of the New York Times will know them as today's "Popular Tags." What becomes a curious question is why are these the ones, and, of deeper interest to me at the moment, why the missing ones missing?

Apparently, these are newsworthy terms, and those who are left off, aren't. Logical? Of course.

Granted, the list must be finite. Still, where's Newt Gingrich, scandal-monger of the moment? Why are Mark Foley and John Kerry still being talked about? And Dennis Hastert? Isn't he old news, now that Nancy Pelosi is now strong-arming the House as Speaker? Why is Illinois missing. Hastert and Obama, both on the list, are Illinoisans, and Hillary Clinton was born there.

Click them to go to stories with the corresponding tag (you're it!).
  1. 2008
  2. barack obama
  3. bill clinton
  4. California
  5. campaign cash
  6. Congress
  8. debates
  9. Democrats
  10. Dennis Hastert
  11. ethics
  12. Florida
  13. fund raising
  14. george allen
  15. George W. Bush
  16. Harry Reid
  17. health care
  18. Hillary Rodham Clinton
  19. House
  20. immigration
  21. iowa
  22. Iraq
  23. john edwards
  24. john kerry
  25. john mccain
  26. lobbying
  27. mark foley
  28. midterm elections
  29. mitt romney
  30. Nancy Pelosi
  31. Nevada
  32. new hampshire
  33. New Jersey
  34. Ohio
  35. page scandal
  36. political advertising
  37. polls
  38. primaries
  39. Republicans
  40. rudy giuliani
  41. sam brownback
  42. Senate
  43. South Carolina
  44. Tennessee
  45. terrorism
  46. texas
  47. tom vilsack
  48. Virginia
  49. White house

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